Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions (these "Terms and Conditions") contain important information regarding the Opinions Market Research Points Program (the "Program") for the Opinions Consumer Panel (“Opinions”). Please read them carefully. These Terms and Conditions are a binding agreement between you and Opinions. They govern your use of and participation in the Program.

Opinions reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions, so it is important to check them periodically. Continued use of the Site and participation in the Program is considered acceptance of these Terms and Conditions posted to the Site and any modified terms included therein.

Opinions Points (“Opinions Points”) are the currency used when a Panellist (as defined below) completes certain Opinions Points earning activities as described herein. You acknowledge that Opinions. is under no obligation to provide a particular number of opportunities for you to earn Opinions Points. You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for the equipment and Internet access required to connect to the Site and the Program.

1. Panellist registration requirements

Before being able to participate in the Program, you must register as a panellist of the Opinions Consumer Panel (a “Panellist”) by providing Opinions with accurate, complete and updated registration information as required by the Panellist registration form. A panellist may not (i) activate or use more than one Panellist account; (ii) use a name subject to rights of another person without authorization from that person; (iii) use a false or misleading name, address, or email address to activate or use a Panellist account; or (iv) present or supply false or misleading information to any entity involved in the Program.

The Program is open only to legal residents of the Ireland (including Northern Ireland) who are Panellists.

Each Panellist is limited to one account.

Panellists must keep all registration information current at all times. Panellists may update their registration information by visiting the Profile section of their account and entering the information requested. An account cannot be used or accessed by multiple persons. Any duplicate accounts are subject to cancellation, and all Points accumulated will be forfeited.

2. Panellist termination

You understand and agree that your membership in the Program is subject to and conditioned upon the following:

Your continued adherence to these Terms and Conditions and the terms and conditions contained in the User Terms and Conditions and any future modifications thereto. Failure to follow these Terms and Conditions and/or the User Terms and Conditions constitute grounds for immediate termination of your membership in the Opinions Panel, without further notice, at Opinions’s sole discretion. Termination of your membership will result in cancellation of all accumulated Opinions Points and all rights of access and use granted to Panellists. In addition, Panellists whose accounts have been terminated may not access the Program or the Member section of Site, in any manner or for any reason.
Opinions may, in its sole discretion, change, suspend or discontinue any aspect of the Program and/or the Site at any time, including the availability of any service feature, links, sponsor, database, or site content without notice, including, without limitation, should events beyond Opinions’s control occur, such as: computer equipment or electronic data transmission failure, strikes, civil disturbances, acts of nature, terrorism or war. Opinions.ie may cancel the Program at any time. Opinions may also impose limits on certain features and services or restrict any Panellist’s access to parts or all of the Program and Site without notice or liability.

The Program and the Site may be interrupted from time to time, and may not always be virus or error-free.
Opinions reserves the right to periodically monitor Panellist’s use of the Program and the Site and may request at any time that a Panellist provide proof in order to verify the accuracy of the account information provided by the Panellist at the time of registration or anytime thereafter.

The right of Opinions, in its sole discretion, to suspend or cancel, at any time and for any or no reason, a Panellist’s membership in and access to the Program or the Site.
Panellists may terminate their membership at any time by sending an email with the subject line "remove me" to [email protected]

Opinions may, in its sole discretion, terminate or suspend any Panellist’s access to all or part of the Program and the Site including the cancellation of some or all of the Panellist’s accumulated Opinions Points for any or no reason, including, without limitation, breach of these Terms and Conditions or the User Terms and Conditions, or taking actions that are inconsistent with the intent of these Terms and Conditions. Opinions shall be the sole determiner in cases of suspected abuse, fraud, or breach of these Terms and Conditions or intent of these Terms and Conditions. Any decision Opinions makes relating to termination or suspension of any Panellist’s account (including the cancellation of Opinions Points) shall be final and binding.

Opinions may also terminate any Panellist’s account in its sole discretion if a Panellist has been inactive for a period of twenty four (24) months. A Panellist will be defined as inactive based upon Panellist’s lack of Opinions Points accrual or redemption. When a Panellist’s account has been terminated, all Opinions Points earned shall be forfeited.

3. Accumulation of Opinions points

Once you have become a Panellist, you can begin earning Opinions Points by undertaking various online activities. The activities that will allow you to earn Opinions Points may change from time to time, in Opinions’s sole discretion, and will be set forth either in these Terms and Conditions or on the Site. The current activities that will allow you to earn Opinions Points are as follows:

Online Surveys: Panellists may earn Opinions Points by completing surveys and/or online market research activities (collectively, "Surveys").
A Panellist may earn Opinions Points by performing other activities on the Site which will be indicated within these Terms and Conditions or explained elsewhere on the Site from time to time.
Opinions reserves the right to suspend, terminate, revalue or modify, without liability, or notice to Panellists, all or part of the Opinions Points value structure and offers. Opinions reserves the right to adjudicate all Opinions Points discrepancies in its sole discretion, and the Panellists agree to abide with any such adjudication. Opinions.ie reserves the right to change point awards or other incentives within the recruitment for a study. In the event the program is terminated, panellists will be notified and given two (2) months in which to redeem their points.
Opinions Points will be posted to a Panellist’s account balance no later than thirty (30) days of Survey, and will be available for redemption as soon as they are posted to Panellist’s account. Opinions takes reasonable care to ensure Opinions Points are accurately deposited in Panellists’ accounts, however, Panellists are responsible for ensuring that their Opinions Points are properly deposited, and Opinions shall not be held liable for any errors regarding Opinions Points.
Rules governing the method for earning Opinions Points when a Panellist participates in special promotions are subject to the specific terms and conditions of the particular promotion, as specified in the terms and conditions for any such promotion.

4. Opinions point activities and values

Panellists shall receive points as follows:

Up to 300 Opinions Points per completed survey and/or market research activity, up to an aggregate maximum of 500 points for completing surveys/market research activities;
Panellists may redeem Opinions Points for gift certificates, or select merchandise as described on the Site collectively, Panellists can view their total number of Opinions Points online by visiting the Members page of the site. The Members page is restricted to Panellists, and Panellists must enter their email address and password in order to view the Members page.

Opinions Points expire after two years (24 months) (Panellists must use the points within two years).
Opinions. may change or remove any of the Opinions Points earning activities currently recognized, at any time, with or without notice to Panellists. The Opinions Points that Panellists earn are not considered to be property and, as such, one cannot sell, transfer, or assign their Opinions Points to any other person, under any circumstances, without Opinions’s written permission.

5. Opinions points redemption

Panellists can redeem Opinions.ie Points at any time. All Opinions Points must be redeemed online.

To redeem Opinions Points, Panellists must visit their Members page. The value of a selected reward cannot exceed the number of Opinions Points in the Panellist’s account. Selecting a reward of lesser value is permitted, and any unused Opinions Points will remain in the Panellist’s account for future use.
Opinions reserves the right to change merchandise and gift certificate offers on its website at its discretion and without notifying Panellists.

You will not be able to redeem Opinions Points for a Reward or to participate in an activity or promotion if you have insufficient Opinions.ie Points for such Reward or activity.

Any items received as a result of redemption of Opinions Points may not be exchanged, returned or redeemed for cash value (if Reward is a gift certificate or merchandise).

Opinions Points are non-negotiable and may only be redeemed through Opinions in exchange for Rewards. Once a Panellist redeems Opinions Points, the appropriate number of Opinion Points will be deducted from the Panellist’s account. Any Opinions Points that are not redeemed within two (2) years after such Opinions Points were posted to Panellist’s account will expire and no longer be valid. Opinions reserves the right to modify at any time the number of Opinions Points required to redeem any item or to participate in any activity.

Panellists may not transfer or assign to any other person or permit anyone to make use of their membership in the Program, accumulated Points, privileges or access to the Site.

Other Opinions Point redemption methods may be added or substituted in the future in Opinions’s sole discretion.

6. General

Panellists are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their password. Opinions has no control over the Internet and cannot prevent the interception of messages by unauthorized parties or guarantee that such unauthorized parties may not be able to decrypt encrypted messages. Accordingly, under no circumstances will Opinions be responsible for any loss or damage incurred by any Panellist as the result of unauthorized interception or decryption of information transmitted to or by Opinions. Panellists must immediately notify Opinions of any known or suspected unauthorized use(s) of a Panellist’s account, or any known or suspected breach of security, including loss, theft, or unauthorized disclosure of Panellist’s password.

Each Panellist is responsible for all usage or activity on their account, including use of the account by any third party (which is prohibited), whether or not such use is authorized by Panellist or the result of Panellist authorizing a third party to use Panellist’s username and password.

Each Panellist agrees not to abuse the Program by conduct which is detrimental to the interests of Opinions, including without limitation attempting to accumulate Opinions Points or redeem Opinions Points in a manner that is in breach of or inconsistent with these Terms and Conditions. Without limiting the foregoing, Panellists shall not: (a) activate or use more than one account; (b) use an automated system, device or program or other similar method to accumulate Opinions Points; (c) manipulate or interfere with the Program or any affiliated program in any way to wrongly accumulate or redeem Opinions Points; (d) present false or misleading information to Opinions; (e) use or redeem Opinions Points which are obtained in violation of these Terms and Condition or which are erroneously credited to a Panellist’s account; or (f) assist another individual or entity in conducting fraudulent, abusive, manipulative or illegal activity. Any Panellist suspected of engaging in any fraudulent, abusive, manipulative or illegal activity may have their account terminated and all Opinions Points cancelled in Opinions’s sole discretion, and the Panellist may be referred to appropriate law enforcement agencies if such action is deemed warranted by Opinions.

Panellists must not do any of the following: (a) restrict or inhibit any other Panellist from enjoying the Program or the Site; (b) send messages that contain viruses, worms or any other destructive element; (c) send messages that are libellous, defamatory, obscene, threatening, abusive or hateful; or (d) interfere with or infringe the copyrights, trademarks, service marks, logos or confidential information of others.

Panellists may only access those portions of the Site specifically made available to Panellists and under no circumstances are Panellists permitted to use or attempt to use the Site or any portion thereof to violate its security or the security of systems accessible through it.

The Program, merchandise, services, Rewards, offers and activities are void where prohibited by law.

Merchandise pictured on the Site may not necessarily reflect exact colours or models of actual rewards due to printing variations and/or manufacturer’s updates.

Information about products, services and/or activities on the Site is accurate to the very best of Opinions’s knowledge. Opinions is not responsible for errors and/or omissions with respect to such information.

Determination of any tax liability related to accumulation and redemption of Opinions Points is solely the responsibility of the Panellist.

Personal non-public information that we gather from you in connection with the Rewards Program or otherwise will be governed by our Privacy Policy.

Opinions is not responsible for unavailable network connections; failed, incomplete, garbled or delayed computer transmissions; online failures; hardware, software or other technical malfunctions or disturbances; or any other communications failures or circumstances affecting, disrupting or corrupting the Rewards Program in any manner including without limitation, receipt of redemption requests, Panellists ability to participate in the Rewards Program. Opinions is also not responsible for any damage to any Panellist’s computer occasioned by participation in the Rewards Program or downloading of any information necessary to participate in the Rewards Program.

All Panellists agree to release Opinions, its clients, and their respective advertising, promotional or judging agencies from any and all liability, claims or action of any kind whatsoever for injuries, damages or losses to persons and property which may be sustained in connection to the Opinions Points, their cash value, or merchandise redeemed with Opinions Points, including but not limited to receipt, ownership, use, misuse or malfunction of the prize.
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Go mobile for convenience on the go

Verified users get 10 reward points on usage post sign-up.