Frequently Asked Questions

What is Opinions Panel?

Opinions is a market research panel which enables you to complete paid surveys. For the past 8 years, we have been encouraging people to share their opinion about products and services via online surveys and rewarding for their time.

If you are looking for an easy way to earn money in your spare time, from home, communicate your opinion through anonymous surveys and influence the market, Opinions panel is the right place.

Join the club with more than 10.000 members already earning fabulous rewards!

How can I join?

All you have to do is register for free on our website and we will send you an e-mail each time we have a paid survey for you to fill out. You can choose which surveys you wish to complete - there are no obligations to fill out any particular survey. The more surveys you complete, the more you will earn. This is also your chance to make your opinion count in the development of products and services you are interested in.

Complete short form with demographic questions to build up your member profile and start receiving invitations for surveys and others research options that we will reward you for. Your time is valuable, and that’s why we pay you for every survey you finish. Each time you complete one of our online surveys, you’ll earn points that you can redeem for valuable vouchers. It won’t be long before you will be able to exchange your points for rewards!

Taking part in Opinions. online surveys is fast, easy and hassle-free.

What can I purchase with my points?

You can use your points to claim different type of rewards like retail vouchers, cinema tickets, holiday vouchers or amazing experiences. The full list of rewards is available in the portal

Do you have a great idea of reward? Tell us your ideas at

Forgotten your password?

Have you forgotten your password? No worries! We will help you. You only need to click on “Forgot Password” in the main page of our portal. You will be requested to submit your email address. We will send you an email to help you to reset your password.

How can I change my email address?

Do you need to change your email address? No problem, you can change your profile page. To access to your profile you need to click on the icon located in the right corner of your page.

You only need to type the new email address and click “Save”. Make sure that your new email address is correct. You will receive your surveys in that email address from that moment.

If you have any question please contact us to

How do I earn points?

Welcome to Opinions where we reward your opinion!

You will earn points since you sign up in our panel of members. Once you have complete your member profile we will send you surveys or offers to other research options to your email address. You will earn points for every survey that you fill and for every research activity that you participate.

You can earn up to 500 points for survey and up to €50 in retailer vouchers when you participate in our activity groups.

You can earn points in 3 different methods: surveys, activity groups and referral.

Surveys: Once you have completed your member profile we will send you different surveys to fill. There is no obligation to fill the survey. You will be rewarded for every survey that you complete. You can earn up to €5 in points per online survey.

Activity groups: Opinions it’s not just surveys! It is much more, our activity groups and other research options are another method to earn points. We can invite to take part on these activities that would be rewarded with a € 50 One4All vouchers.

Referral: If you want to earn even more, there is another way to earn points in Opinions. Every time that one of your friends or family sign up in our portal we will reward you with 100 points. You can send invitations from your portal

Earning rewards never has been easier!

How can I claim rewards?

You only need to click on “Rewards” in your homepage. It will show the different categories of rewards. You will have information about the product listed in the website:

When you have selected your reward you only need to click on “Redeem”.

Not getting points for surveys?

If you are experiencing problems with your points you can contact us to We will help you to solve your problem.

I didn’t receive my reward

You only need to contact us to and we will happy to help you.

How to receive surveys?

Once you have signed up in our club. We will send you surveys to your email address. If you haven’t received any survey for a long time you can contact us to We will check your account to make sure that all is right.

How can I improve my profile?

Not getting enough surveys or invitations to our activity groups? There is a way that you can improve your profile. Make sure that you fill out your profile information.

Can I earn referring people?

Sure! If you want to earn even more with our member’s panel, there is another way to earn points in Opinions. Every time that one of your friends or family sign up in our portal we will reward you with 100 points. You need to use your referral link included in the portal.

Where can I find my balance?

You can see your balance on the right corner in the homepage. Beside your profile icon it will show your points earned until that moment.

How can I participate in focus groups?

We can invite you to be part of our focus group. We will send you an email or contacted to your phone number.

You can earn up to € 50 One4All voucher. Sign up today!